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We Offer Our Services Through the Following Centers:

SUDRWA Investment Center

Welcome to one of the most attractive investment environments on the African continent. We leverage our extensive experience through smart strategic partnerships to pave the way for success.

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Any investment is risky as long as you've never done any research.
- David Angway

Investment opportunities fluctuate based on various factors, including political, economic, and security stability in the investment host environment. Governments in developing countries make concerted efforts to create a favorable investment climate, as foreign investments play a significant role in promoting development, reducing unemployment, alleviating poverty, and fostering growth and reconstruction.

Rwanda, located in East Africa, boasts breathtaking natural beauty and a temperate climate throughout the year. It is a highly desirable investment destination, offering a variety of investment sectors and numerous compelling investment opportunities.

The SUDRWA Investment Center operates using a comprehensive database on Rwanda's investment climate and environment, including available investment opportunities, logistics and infrastructure, and market information.

The center offers valuable and transformative services in various aspects of investment, including:
1. Facilitating access to Rwanda.
2. Providing complete hosting for the investor during the exploratory visit.
3. Examine investment opportunities on site.
4. Conducting feasibility studies for projects.
5. Overseeing the establishment of projects.
6. Offering consultancy services for implemented projects.
7. Investment Management.

SUDRWA Consultancy Center

SUDRWA's expert team provides professional advisory services in the fields of information and communication technology and management development. We assist businesses, organizations, or individuals with their ICT or management-related needs, such as strategic planning, system design, implementation, operation, and management.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
WhatsApp: +250 7 3777 10 84

Our services include the following services:
1. Assessing the organization's current ICT infrastructure;
2. Identifying opportunities for improvement;
3. Recommending technology solutions;
4. Providing guidance on how to effectively integrate technology into business operations.


The digital transformation across all industries has become a pressing need. To accomplish this, a comprehensive package of information services must be offered, starting with training and education in the field of computing, building infrastructures, developing applications and software that support various activities, and providing technical support and maintenance services to ensure the continuity and reliability of digital services and solutions.
At the Information and Communication Technology Center, we work to provide the necessary services and support at each stage of digital transformation. This can be through direct services, the establishment of digital incubators, and supporting small projects in the field to help bridge the gap in information and communication technology services.

SUDRWA Entrepreneurship Center

Small enterprises play a crucial role in contributing to the national economy in developing countries. It is essential to focus on this segment of projects due to their positive impact on reducing unemployment and promoting productive and efficient societies. The SUDRWA Entrepreneurship Center strives to provide entrepreneurs with necessary training and support to establish and grow their projects. This includes offering administrative rehabilitation, software solutions, and utilizing modern technology and communication tools to provide comprehensive administrative and control packages. The center also provides consultancy services and project supervision to ensure success and development.

SUDRWA Poultry Incubators Center

Social responsibility and serving the communities in which projects are located is a crucial aspect of development. SUDRWA Poultry Incubators are a prime example of a social responsibility project, particularly in rural communities. The goal of the SUDRWA Poultry Incubators Project is to fight poverty in low-income areas and turn consuming societies into productive ones that contribute to the national economy and overall development process.

SUDRWA Software Development Center

Custom software development involves designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software development targets a precisely defined set of requirements.

Custom software development is crucial as it provides an opportunity to fulfill unique requirements at a cost comparable to that of purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Efficiency: Custom software is designed specifically to support processes efficiently and effectively, without the need to modify commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications.
  • Scalability: Custom software is scalable and adaptable to the growth and changes of an organization or business. As part of their requirements gathering, designers and developers can anticipate future needs and incorporate those factors into the application, avoiding the costs associated with purchasing additional licenses or subscriptions for packaged applications.
  • Lower integration costs: A significant consideration for commercial software is compatibility with existing and legacy applications. If it cannot integrate with the existing infrastructure, organizations may face the cost of additional investments to make the commercial software work. On the other hand, custom software can be designed to seamlessly integrate with its intended environment.
SUDRWA Integrated Solutions Center

The rapid advancement in technology and information has led to the creation of numerous products and solutions for various types of work. These products and solutions have helped to increase productivity and improve coordination and communication between various elements of work.
The SUDRWA Integrated Solutions Center strives to bring the latest technological advancements to the community in an organized manner that makes it easier for them to use and incorporate these technologies into their daily work processes.
The Center also aims to integrate all modern solutions into a unified framework, promoting a high level of interconnectivity and maximizing their benefits to the fullest extent possible.

SUDRWA Technical Support Center

Sustainability of all solutions and projects depends on their reliability and robustness. To ensure optimal utilization of information and communication technology, which plays a crucial role in our world today, it's crucial to focus on providing technical support. SUDRWA Technical Support Center follows a structured methodology to sustain technical solutions and offers a range of services, including:
1. Annual maintenance contracts for IT infrastructures.
2. Remote technical support.
3. Development of technical policies and regulations.

SUDRWA Practical Training Center

Learning has no limits and can happen at any stage of life, regardless of age.

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The SUDRWA Training Center focuses on developing human resources as a crucial element for sustainable development by providing training and qualification based on a comprehensive analysis of needs.
The Center covers various training needs, including: preparing recent graduates for the job market, providing job-specific training, developing administrative and leadership skills, and promoting digital literacy.

SUDRWA Call Center
50% of customer attrition is due to dissatisfaction.
- Statistics

Providing excellent service to beneficiaries and ensuring high levels of satisfaction with services is crucial to the success of any institution and helps maintain its market share.
Customer satisfaction is achieved by strengthening communication channels and providing simple and flexible mechanisms for customers to easily communicate and request support, as well as access necessary information about the product or service.
At SUDRWA, we prioritize customer satisfaction and have developed software solutions that are simple, efficient, and highly reliable. We offer this service through a call center or full hosting to reduce establishment and operation costs by taking advantage of shared resources and technical equipment.

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Every 6 months, we host 5 recent graduates and provide guidance to help them start their own businesses or prepare for employment through a practical approach.

We use our extensive experience in management development and ICT fields to support and aid the community around us.


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